Imagine to admire the Amalfi Coast from the top of those mountains where you have always seen it embedded in photography. Think of being able to walk those terraces that the peasants’ work has carved over the centuries making it unique in the world, and discover everything about the Sfusato amalfitano, the most famous Amalfi lemon, arrived centuries ago from the East, which now boasts the recognition of European Protected Geographical Indication. Feel the breeze of the wind on your skin, the coolness of lemon groves which protect you from the splendid sun of the southern Italy. Think you can make the true essence of this magical land yours with its yellow heart that makes it famous throughout the world beyond its immense beauty. Make it possible.

Welcome to the world of the Amalfi Lemon Experience.

With our Lemon tours you can feel and taste the true essence of the Amalfi Coast. Enter the paradise of the lemon tree, where the Sfusato amalfitano is born and begins its journey to conquer the palates of the whole world. You will discover all the production phases: from the cultivation of lemons in our gardens to the production of all the delicacies of our farm whose main ingredient is the Sfusato.
We will accompany you on this fascinating journey, much more than expert guides: inhabitants and workers in love with this land, that for six generations with passion and dedication we cultivate, protect and enhance in the world. Walking in our lemon groves you will have the chance to admire the farmers at work and visiting our laboratories you can discover the secrets of preparation of our typical products such as the famous elixir “limoncello”, lemon jam and honey of our bees.  This journey will end with a toast to taste our products. The century-old tradition of this world will take on a tangible value in the Museum of rural culture Arts and Crafts, which we created with care and passion to enrich your journey into the kingdom of the Amalfi lemon by showcasing the tools of the trade, equipment and documents that hand of man had created over the centuries to best perform this fascinating job and that tell of a glorious past, which has helped to renew the glories of the ancient Maritime Republic.

All the lemon tours include

  • Walk among the lemon groves
  • Refreshing break with typical products such as lemonade and lemon pie
  • Visit to our farm
  • Visit to the Museum of rural culture, arts and crafs

During the tour it’s possible to buy our products and our fresh lemons and we also offer the possibility to ship them.


Enrich your experience in the world of the Amalfi lemon


Important notice & info

It is strongly recommended to avoid coming to Amalfi by car, especially during the high season. Parking spaces in Amalfi are very limited and our venue does not have parking. To fully enjoy your experience, choose an alternative means of transport to reach our city.
If you use Google Maps to find our company’s location, we recommend that you use the “pedestrian” option, not drive. Otherwise Google will guide you to a completely different location.

For our experiences we strongly recommend the use of comfortable shoes, preferably sports or trekking shoes.
For your safety and to comply with safety regulations, we may be forced to prevent you from participating in our tours if you wear unsuitable shoes (e.g. slippery heels or soles).
If your experience includes the lemon tour, we kindly remind you that our tours include walking sections with particularly steep stairs. Although not excessively tiring for an average trained person, we invite you to consider this aspect when booking the tour.

We love animals immensely. Precisely because our dogs roam freely on the property, we cannot allow other pets on the property in order to avoid inconvenience