About us

The cultivation of lemons on the Amalfi Coast has always been linked to the name of Aceto, a family whose aim has always been to make the benefits of this precious fruit known all over the world for almost 200 years.

A bit of history

It all began with Salvatore Aceto which, back in 1825, bought a small plot of land in Ravello, thus starting the activity of lemon producer and trader.

The period of maximum splendor for the family business, especially in foreign trade, is from 1930  to 1938.  In Italy, however, the Aceto family established itself as the largest producer of lemons of the entire Amalfi Coast after the Second World War, defeating their Calabrian and Sicilian competitors.

Not being able to count on a huge land extension and on production volumes as high as the main competitors, the Aceto’s decide to differentiate by starting a campaign to raise awareness of their particular type of lemon, the “Sfusato Amalfitano”, unique in the world for quality and organoleptic characteristics.


Salvatore Aceto,  respecting the tradition, was given the same first name of the ancestor who started the business. He worked for many years in the accounting firm which he established in the 90’s.

His return to the family business was due to the insistence of his father Luigi and  in 2013, Salvatore began dedicating his time to reorganizing the family business and taking over as manager of the Agricultural Company left to him by his father.

He promotes organic and sustainable production right away by embracing his father’s activities following the ICEA Certified Organic Agriculture guidelines. He also organizes other activities to the main one, such as Lemon Tours, Meetings and Cooking Lessons, all closely linked to the world of Lemon cultivation on the Amalfi Coast which has been rightly defined as “Agricoltura Eroica” (Heroic agricolture).

Important notice & info

It is strongly recommended to avoid coming to Amalfi by car, especially during the high season. Parking spaces in Amalfi are very limited and our venue does not have parking. To fully enjoy your experience, choose an alternative means of transport to reach our city.
If you use Google Maps to find our company’s location, we recommend that you use the “pedestrian” option, not drive. Otherwise Google will guide you to a completely different location.

For our experiences we strongly recommend the use of comfortable shoes, preferably sports or trekking shoes.
For your safety and to comply with safety regulations, we may be forced to prevent you from participating in our tours if you wear unsuitable shoes (e.g. slippery heels or soles).
If your experience includes the lemon tour, we kindly remind you that our tours include walking sections with particularly steep stairs. Although not excessively tiring for an average trained person, we invite you to consider this aspect when booking the tour.

We love animals immensely. Precisely because our dogs roam freely on the property, we cannot allow other pets on the property in order to avoid inconvenience